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Over the years, Violet has developed her own style of corporate portrait photography based on the headshot. This is a portrait style that was originally created by casting agencies as a very flattering style focused on the face.

Violet worked and brought her own touch to portraits where each element is optimized and thought through. The light, the composition, the expression, the clothes, the accessories, the hair, the neck … everything comes together to give the person facing the camera the most beautiful photo of their life!

Violet works on expressions and aims to create a real connection with her clients. For her, a photographer must bond with his clients to create exceptional images. Techniques can be reproduced, but a person’s condition when shooting is much more difficult to reproduce.

As a corporate photographer, Violet focuses on communicating “confidence” and “approachability.” In a very competitive business environment and with so little time to form an opinion, a great image with the right message can help make first impressions a success.

Hany and Violet work together, making the perfect team to provide you amazing corporate pictures in Indiana.